• September 16, 2017
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All orders placed before 2:00 pm (Pacific Time) are shipped same day via Xpress Post between Monday to Friday. Delivery takes an average of 2-5 business days depending on a few different factors. Like destination, weather, holidays and others.

Once you’ve paid for your NFT we will send you an email with a sample of the image that’s been randomly generated for you. After that we will send a parcel with the gifts you’ve chosen from our gallery of products. You just let us know when you’re ready to receive your NFT and we’ll mint it for you.

All delivery times are approximate and once the parcels are with Canada Post it’s out of our hands to speed up the process. Because of that we can’t offer any replacements or refunds if a package arrives late due to Canada Post issues or delays. We don’t send parcels on weekends or holidays. Once the parcel has been shipped we’ll provide you with a Canada Post tracking number. Please keep in mind that your tracking number can take a few hours to show up online after it’s been dropped at the post office.